During a telephone conversation with my father a few weeks ago, he confessed to me that he and his wife go grocery shopping once a month. Once a month?? What about fresh greens and such. They don’t keep but a week, I responded in confusion. Oh no, he reported. We just put them in the vegetable drawer and they are good for a month. I was aghast! I once forgot a bag of lettuce wrapped in a plastic bag in the veggie drawer of my fridge for two weeks. When I finally discovered it, it was a bag of greenish soup, and it was disgusting! My father does not shop organic… what the heck is on his veggies that they will keep for a month!

At Flaming Janes, we encourage super fresh food and weekly shopping is a very reasonable way to achieve such a feat. To that end, every week we publish a fresh, interactive grocery list for you. We’ve utilized state of the art technology (because we have become technical wizards!) which means there is a little tick box so that you can check items off while you are shopping.

It’s a simple list, because we love simple, it’s exclusive to Flaming Janes. It is not attached to any kind of third party shopping app. Our grocery list is best viewed on a smart phone, but any device that is connected to the internet will do! That said, we’re pretty sure you’re not going to lug your laptop out the the grocery store, so we designed it with smaller screens in mind.

Most items on each list are given as a specific quantity, such as 2 lbs, or 1 package. Some items, such as things that can often be purchased in bulk (raisins, walnuts, and the like) are listed as, one handful, or 1 cup. These quantities do not need to be precise – so purchase what you will comfortably use, give or take a gram or sprig or two.

Other items, such as milk or butter are listed simply as milk or butter – in such cases, purchase what you would usually buy for the week. We just want to make sure you have it on hand.

When ingredients, such as Miso Paste, Rice, Anise Seed, or Fennel Seed are listed, they can be purchased in small quantities: one tub, one package, one spice jar, etc. These are usually pantry type items. Unless you usually use them in large quantity, purchase smaller amounts so that what you have on hand is fresh.

At Flaming Janes, we’re all about fresh!

Happy shopping – and feel welcome to connect with us if you have any questions about your shopping list!

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Gary Sandoz

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