All the recipes we create at Flaming Janes yield four servings. If your family is larger or smaller, you will need to adjust quantities accordingly.

All the recipes we create are very flexible. We’re not baking cakes here, we’re making dinner, so tailor the recipe to your liking! You don’t have to use as much garlic as we recommend if you aren’t as fussy about garlic as we are. Don’t want salt? Don’t add salt! Don’t like ginger? Don’t put any in! Always feel free to adjust and adapt any flavor or ingredient to your liking! You are the boss. Think of the recipes as guidelines!

At Flaming Janes we favor a diet plentiful in fresh veggies, low in high glycemic carbs, and we include moderate protein and perhaps higher amounts of healthy fat than you are used to. We design our menus this way for healthful reasons. As a society, we eat far too many high glycemic carbs, far more protein that we need, and because all dietary fat has been demonized, we exclude necessary healthy fats that our bodies require to function properly.

We have fashioned our recipes to ensure proper nutrition. That said, you may not be ready for such a shift, and if that’s the case, feel welcome to substitute your dietary choices. Tired of garlic roasted yams? Make some mashed potatoes instead. Hate brown rice? Make white rice! Not comfortable with so much olive oil in your salad dressing – use less! Again, you’re the boss. Switch things up and adapt the recipes to your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we just want you to have fun with your recipes and enjoy your delicious creations with your families.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, connect with us!!

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