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Flaming Janes is flued by one woman (who has been romancing the culinary scene for more years than she cares to admit to publicly) one stove, and one goal: Plan dinner. And we’re about so much more than dinner! At Flaming Janes, we’re all about fresh! We’re passionate about healthy, real food, made with simple, healthy ingredients that are readily available. We’re about saving time, sustainability, saving the planet, saving our sanity, and vibrant health. We’re also about education, community, and family. But for the most part, we’re all about love…

Simple, Nutritious, Fast & Delicious!

Dinner should not be stressful, but for most working moms and dads, thinking about what to make for dinner is a dreaded thought that permeates every waking hour. At Flaming Janes our goal is to provide you with dinner recipes that are simple, nutritious, fast and delicious, every night of the week… except maybe weekends. We tend to get a little fancy-pants on weekends…

Healthy Food, Clean Eating

At Flaming Janes, we are big supporters of wholesome, organic, natural foods. Of course, everyone will make their own choices on this point, and we respect that, but  you will find some insightful articles on our blog regarding this issue (in good time, of course… we’re brand new here, and we have to create that content!). Healthy food and clean eating – we’re all about that.


Food security and sustainability are right hot topics that we are passionate about. We believe that healthy nutritious food should be readily available to everyone and that it should be produced in a way that is sustainable for the environment. We’re not here to preach, but we may inspire you to give these topics some soulful consideration.

Our Achievements

Ummm – ok, you’re going to have to check back on this one! We’re brand new! There’s nothing much to report as yet… You can be sure that we will sing it from the rooftops as soon as we can! (You’ll probably hear our excitement all the way to your house!)

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Well, we’re brand new, so we’re a little shy on testimonials at this point. That said, we are ecstatic to report that we do have our very first testimonial! Have a look to your right! >>>>>


our first testimonial!

OMG … Flaming Janes is incredible …
what a beautiful site!!

It’s the nicest site I’ve ever seen
– every page made me hungry!

Beyond well done!!


Calgary, AB

If fin could talk, he would definitely tell you that his mama is an awesome cook who even makes him homemade food… but, he can’t talk, so he can’t share that tid-bit with you…

fin the dog

professional family pet and grateful recipient of home cooked meals

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