Changes at Flaming Janes…

Changes at Flaming Janes…

Hello there, [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]! 

This post is about the changes underway at Flaming Janes – we have decided to allow advertising on the public side of the site. An important note here is that this will not affect your private members’ content in any way – it will always remain ad-free!

Why are we making this choice? Well, it was a tough one for sure. We really wanted to avoid that at all costs, and when I say “we” I mean “me”. I always speak as though there are 12 of us running things here at Flaming Janes, but, it’s only me, and herein lies the crux of the choice to employ ads on the public side of the site.

As a solopreneur, I spend 40 or more hours per week creating and curating recipes, cooking, sampling, tweaking,  typing, posting, designing, and photographing everything. I love food, I love cooking, I love creating, and I love what I do here – that said, I also work 40 hours a week outside of my home.  I am tired… 

I have been building the Flaming Janes concept since May 2018. At its inception, it was designed to be a members-only site, and I love this idea because I absolutely can’t stand visiting those ad packed recipe sites. Those ads drive me nuts! However, the rest of the internet does not seem to be put off by the ads and is not as excited about a private member’s site as I am.

At the end of the day Flaming Janes is a business and she needs to earn her keep because mama is getting worn out!

So, last week I decided that there was no reason that Flaming Janes could be not only a members-only site, but that I could also employ ads on the public side of the site as another means of generating income and ensure that Flaming Janes carries on as a successful and useful resource in the home-cooking arena.

So, there you have it. Flaming Janes is moving on and moving forward.  Feel welcome to connect with me any time if you have any questions or concerns: [email protected]

Morgana (the Flaming Janes Team)

NOTE: Please ensure that you are always logged into your member’s page when viewing dinner recipes or the recipe archive. You can access the same content on the public side of the site – but it will be loaded with ads. The member’s area is always ad-free :o)

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Welcome to Flaming Janes!!

Welcome to Flaming Janes!!

Hello there, [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]! Welcome to the Flaming Janes adventure – we’re so happy that you joined us!

You will find everything you need right on the members’ home page. Weekly dinner menus run Monday through Sunday and seven fresh dinner recipes and your new grocery list will be posted every Friday giving you plenty of time to prepare for the week ahead. So have a look around and make yourself familiar with how things are organized!

At Flaming Janes it’s our mission to take a little pressure off your busy life by providing you with simple, delicious, fast, and nutritious dinner solutions every single day. No more hangry shopping expeditions on the fly that result in chips and cookies for dinner. Nutritionally speaking, your bases are covered and you can give your attention to all the other important aspects of life.

So again – welcome, and let the adventure begin!! Jump in, get cookin’, and be sure to connect with us as you move along. We love feedback and would appreciate any insight you have to share!

Chat Soon!

The Flaming Janes Team


About Our Recipes

About Our Recipes

All the recipes we create at Flaming Janes yield four servings. If your family is larger or smaller, you will need to adjust quantities accordingly.

All the recipes we create are very flexible. We’re not baking cakes here, we’re making dinner, so tailor the recipe to your liking! You don’t have to use as much garlic as we recommend if you aren’t as fussy about garlic as we are. Don’t want salt? Don’t add salt! Don’t like ginger? Don’t put any in! Always feel free to adjust and adapt any flavor or ingredient to your liking! You are the boss. Think of the recipes as guidelines!

At Flaming Janes we favor a diet plentiful in fresh veggies, low in high glycemic carbs, and we include moderate protein and perhaps higher amounts of healthy fat than you are used to. We design our menus this way for healthful reasons. As a society, we eat far too many high glycemic carbs, far more protein that we need, and because all dietary fat has been demonized, we exclude necessary healthy fats that our bodies require to function properly.

We have fashioned our recipes to ensure proper nutrition. That said, you may not be ready for such a shift, and if that’s the case, feel welcome to substitute your dietary choices. Tired of garlic roasted yams? Make some mashed potatoes instead. Hate brown rice? Make white rice! Not comfortable with so much olive oil in your salad dressing – use less! Again, you’re the boss. Switch things up and adapt the recipes to your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we just want you to have fun with your recipes and enjoy your delicious creations with your families.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, connect with us!!

About Our Grocery Lists

About Our Grocery Lists

 During a telephone conversation with my father a few weeks ago, he confessed to me that he and his wife go grocery shopping once a month. Once a month?? What about fresh greens and such. They don’t keep but a week, I responded in confusion. Oh no, he reported. We just put them in the vegetable drawer and they are good for a month. I was aghast! I once forgot a bag of lettuce wrapped in a plastic bag in the veggie drawer of my fridge for two weeks. When I finally discovered it, it was a bag of greenish soup, and it was disgusting! My father does not shop organic… what the heck is on his veggies that they will keep for a month!

At Flaming Janes, we encourage super fresh food and weekly shopping is a very reasonable way to achieve such a feat. To that end, every week we publish a fresh, interactive grocery list for you. We’ve utilized state of the art technology (because we have become technical wizards!) which means there is a little tick box so that you can check items off while you are shopping.

It’s a simple list, because we love simple, it’s exclusive to Flaming Janes. It is not attached to any kind of third party shopping app. Our grocery list is best viewed on a smart phone, but any device that is connected to the internet will do! That said, we’re pretty sure you’re not going to lug your laptop out the the grocery store, so we designed it with smaller screens in mind.

Most items on each list are given as a specific quantity, such as 2 lbs, or 1 package. Some items, such as things that can often be purchased in bulk (raisins, walnuts, and the like) are listed as, one handful, or 1 cup. These quantities do not need to be precise – so purchase what you will comfortably use, give or take a gram or sprig or two.

Other items, such as milk or butter are listed simply as milk or butter – in such cases, purchase what you would usually buy for the week. We just want to make sure you have it on hand.

When ingredients, such as Miso Paste, Rice, Anise Seed, or Fennel Seed are listed, they can be purchased in small quantities: one tub, one package, one spice jar, etc. These are usually pantry type items. Unless you usually use them in large quantity, purchase smaller amounts so that what you have on hand is fresh.

At Flaming Janes, we’re all about fresh!

Happy shopping – and feel welcome to connect with us if you have any questions about your shopping list!

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Gary Sandoz

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