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… And One Less Thing to Worry About

Need a little help adulting today – you’re gonna love this! We know what it’s like to work a 9-5, then hurry home to the kids and the laundry, the homework and house work, maybe a partner, maybe a dog that runs you down before you even get the key out of the door… and it hits you again for billionth time: OMG – What am I going to make for dinner!?  

Flaming Janes has the solution for everyone who is tormented  by this question from the moment they roll out of bed each morning. With our awesome dinner recipes, we give you one less thing to worry about, and we do so 365 days of the year!


What Is It, Exactly..?

Flaming Janes Dinner Menus is our premium subscription service. Each week we load the members’ area with your weekly dinner menu Each menu features 7 fresh and delicious dinner recipes along with your weekly shopping list. Our menus are designed to get you in and out of the kitchen in record time – because we’re pretty sure you have a lot more to do before the day is done – and maybe you’d like to squeeze in a little chill time..? Maybe read? Maybe bubble bath?

Don’t Be a Mad Cat!

You don’t need to lose your mind all day trying to decide what to make for dinner, or how to  keep it fresh, delicious, and nutritious…

We do that for you so you have one less thing to worry about in a day…

Feel better. Eat better. Be healthier… and have a little fun while you’re at it!

Relax – Flaming Janes has your back!

For Ten Bucks a month (Yeah – $10. That’s it!!) here’s what you get:

What’s Included


  • 7 Fresh and Delicious Dinner Recipes
    (every week!)
  • Weekly Grocery List
  • AD-FREE, Easy to Follow Recipes!
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Member’s Only Webinars & Videos 
    (Coming Soon!)
  • Exclusive Tips & Insights (Coming Soon)
  • Awesome Member Support & FAQ
  • Coming Soon: Members Only Refer & Win,
    Contribute & Win, AND Flaming Janes’ Swag!
    (Yes, you could win a free month or a Flaming
    Janes coffee mug – or both!)
  • Incredible Value… and More to Come!
    – We’re Just Getting Started Here!

Details, Details, Details…

Step 1 – Subscribe to Our Premium Service

At Flaming Janes we are proud to offer incredible value. Our premium subscription is a mere $10 a month. Yes, you read that correctly – it’s only ten bucks a month! For less than the cost of two medium vanilla lattes and a donut, you don’t have to think about what to make for dinner all day long! Who knew that piece of mind could be so affordable! AND – (we think this is pretty awesome) when the price goes up (and it will…) you will remain at the original price of $10/mo for as long as you maintain your subscription!

UPDATE: For a limited time get TWO WEEKS of Flaming Janes’ delicious dinner recipes for the awesome price of FREE!!!

OMG – Right??!! Get Your Recipes!!

Step 2 – Immediate Access!

Once you subscribe you will receive immediate access to the Flaming Janes’ private members page, and that’s where you’ll find all the goodies!

Step 3 – Log In & Get Cookin’

In the private members’ area you will find your weekly menu, the menu archive, your shopping list, exclusive member only posts, tips, and insights, and soon, a list of upcoming live broadcasts and events!

Weekly menus are delivered every Friday, so you have the weekend to get organized for the week ahead.

Step 4 – Get Acquainted with Your New Friends

Flaming Janes’ members have access to our private Facebook community where they can get acquainted with other members, share experiences and results, get to know each other, and have some fun. Seriously – have some fun! Food is all about family, friends, and fun. Get some today!

Step 5 (Coming Soon!) – Win Stuff!!

Speaking of fun, who of us does not love to win stuff!!?? I know I do, and here at Flaming Janes, we’re not just pretty faces and awesome cooks – we’ve come up with some pretty awesome swag, and we love to shower these awesome creations upon our loyal members:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Aprons
  • And More!
Step 6 (Coming Soon!!) – Win More Stuff!!

Fun, Fun, and More Fun! Did you know that Flaming Janes members have the opportunity to win a free month of service? It’s true, you can with our member’s only exclusive offer:

Refer 3 – Get a Month Free!!

It’s our way of saying Thank You to our loyal members who help spread the word about Flaming Janes. Every time you refer three new premium members, you are awarded a free month of premium service! The fun never ends!

(Coming Soon – We Have Lots of Fun in Store for You!)



Weekly give-aways, what’s not to love! There’s nothing we like to do more than to shower our members with precious gifts: Coffee mugs, shirts, aprons, and more. All you have to do is show up. The rest is up to Lady Luck.



Winning a free month of Premium service is super simple. Every time you refer 3 new Premium Members, you win a free month! Refer as many as you like – our magical technology takes care of all the details!

Contribute and WIN More!


Like rewards? We love to dole them out! Have a favorite recipe that you’d like to make famous? Send it in – if we use it, we’ll reward you with some awesome swag!


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