Hi There, Hungry Person!

We're New, Local, & Global!

Flaming Janes is proud and excited to be a local, global business, with deep roots in Victoria, BC. Canada

If you live in Victoria, we’re neighbors! The Flamin’ Test Kitchen and Corporate Head Office (aka my house) are located in James Bay – and, we’re available online anywhere in the world!

Who We Are

We… well, actually, it’s just me, Morgana. I’m a nutrition nerd who has been serving up breakfast and dinner in some of Victoria’s most beloved cafes and bistros for many years.

You’re on your own for breakfast (though we do have a few ideas for that) – and I’m still going to bring you dinner, but in a much different way!


What We Do

We’re all about healthy eating – especially dinner. 

We do a lot of dinner…

In fact, we have done this more than 500 times in the last year and a half – so we have many fresh and delicious recipes to share with you!

We Make Adulting  a Little Easier…

… and give you one less thing to adult about everyday.


We’re Awesome at Stress Reduction

… we take a little stress off your plate everyday and give
you one less thing to worry about.

We Plan Dinner

Finally – dinner time made easy. We’re kind of like your very own
dinner fairy godmother. Some would even say that we are kitchen

We don’t like to brag… but we are kind of awesome.



Busy is Stressful…


And dinner shouldn’t be stressful! That’s why we created Flaming Janes!

Flaming Janes Dinner Menus is our premium subscription service. Each
week we load the members’ area with
your weekly dinner menu Each menu features 7 fresh and delicious dinner recipes along with your
weekly shopping list. Our menus are designed to get you in and out
of the kitchen in record time!

We’re pretty sure you have a lot more to do before the day is done –
and maybe you’d like to squeeze in a little chill time..? Maybe read?
Maybe bubble bath?

Who The Heck Are You, Anyway..?

Just an average middle-aged nutrition nerd who is passionate about simple, delicious, fast, & nutritious food.

You can watch some of my videos if you want to get a feel for the person behind the passion. I’m pracitally famous in some circles…

Who’s Running This Show Anyway..?


Fin the dog.

Cute, but super bossy and demanding.

What’s Included?

  • access to the private members’ section of our website where you will find:
  • 7 fresh and delicious recipes delivered every Friday (we call this our menu) so that you don’t need to think about what to make for dinner next week!
  • the dinner recipe archive – an ever-expanding collection of our amzaing dinner recipes!
  • weekly shopping list
  • An AD FREE experience! Absolutely NO Popups, commercial Videos or ADS ANYWHERE!
  • and more to come!

More Questions?

Contact us any time: flamingjanes@gmail.com


How Much?

Our premium membership is extremely well priced – and we provide a lot of punch for your pannini!

Our monthly subscription is less that the price of a vanilla latte and a doughnut!

Likely the lowest price point on stress reduction anywhere on the internet!


Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

I create 99% of them. A few have been submitted by friends and family, but I have made every single dish posted to this site!

In fact, if you live in my town, you should pop over for dinner one night… I always make too much!


Why Should I Pay?

Why should I pay for recipes – I can find them for free all over the internet..?

Well, that’s true, however, as I am sure you have experienced you have to do a lot of work to tease those recipes out of all the popups, videos, and ads.

Almost all recipe sites depend on advertising to stay afloat – and they absolutely bombard you with as many ads as they can fit on a page. As a result, it’s challenging and time consuming to get what you need from most recipe sites.

We, however, offer a superiour experience and we are able to keep it clean and accessible by charging a nominal monthly membership fee.



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