Flaming Janes 50% Off SALE!


 It’s Sale Time at Flaming Janes! Give yourself the life-saving gift of simple, delicious,
fast and nutritious! You read that correctly: life-saving! Adulting and parenting are stressful and time consuming… Who has time for meal planning? That’s where
Flaming Janes  comes to  the rescue. We do all the planning for you! You could say
we’re kinda like super-heros – and right now your first month is 50% OFF!

Some people say we’re just a couple of bossy women who like to tell people what
to make for dinner – and that may be true. But in our defense, we also like to tell
you what to buy at the grocery store (we give you a detailed shopping list!) so we
really do make your life a lot easier.
Our delicious, simple, dinner recipe subscription is on sale for a limited time. Here’s what you get: 

– 7 Fresh & Delicious dinner recipes per week – Weekly Shopping List
– Access to the Members Only Facebook Group (make new friends!)
– Ad free Private Members’ Area
– Awesome support, and More!!!

On Sale Now! Get your first month for 50% OFF! That’s only $5! 
(and only $10 per month thereafter)

The Flaming Janes Monthly Subscription 

A Subscription That Keeps On Giving 

Simple, Delicious, Fast, and Nutritious, No-stress Dinner Magic!

Our Flaming Janes Monthly Subscritption!

Flaming Janes delivers 24 | 7 | 365! Get yours today (and save!) and you’ll never be plagued with the worry of what to prepare for dinner!


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