A Very Covid Christmas…
Six Festive Feasts for 
Small Gatherings

What a year it’s been, and here we are at the holidays already! And they look so very different than years past…

Last year we hosted 20 people for our holiday celebration and we had so much fun! But this year… well, no one is coming home for the holidays (thanks, Covid!) and there are only three of us here in the house to celebrate together. One thing is for sure, we will be doing a whole lot of Zooming! That said, we won’t be cooking a 25 lb turkey dinner, and that’s for sure!

As most families find themselves in the same situation this year, we have come up with a list of alternative festive feasts for smaller celebrations – because, seriously, no one looks forward to eating turkey for 30 days…

The recipes below offer the traditional festive flavors that you crave at this time of year, without all the leftovers!

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Farewell, Tourtiere

In this house, we love a good Tourtiere, but honestly, the flavors and aromas of this pie may bring you to your knees… It’s perfect as a festive feast!

Festive Fowl

While it is fowl, it’s not the bird you have been dreaming about. However, the traditional flavors are so satisfying you’ll hardly miss the turkey – and no leftovers to fret over for the next two weeks!

So Smooth!

You will want to drink this sauce – it’s amazing! While not as colorful as its counterparts above, this dinner is absolutely divine. Make a little extra because you will be quite happy with leftovers for lunch the next day!

Six Festive Feasts for Small Gatherings

Tastes Like Christmas!

I had no intention of this meal subbing in on the holidays, but when we tasted it – Wow! Tastes like Christmas! Perfect for this year’s small holiday feasts!

Oh... the Sauce!

Again, not created as a holiday feast, but the sauce is amazing and may make you forget that Covid every existed at all! The vibrant display of Christmas color is delicious and comforting.

Divinely Ordained Salmon

A lighter meal than those noted above, but definitely not light on taste! This is one of our favorite ways to prepare salmon. Fresh or frozen work equally well, and again – the sauce… A gift from the heavens that will leave you swooning. 

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Panna Cotta

This delightful dessert is heavenly. Created by angels. Obviously.

Melt in Your Mouth

Delicious and divine. They’re a melt in your mouth gluten free dream. 

Sweets, My Love..?

Ginger Spice!

These cookies are both crisp and chewy and the ginger spice? So Nice!

Chocolate Bark

Sinfully delicious! Don’t leave the bowl unattended. It empties quickly and mysteriously…

How Ever You Celebrate,
Happy Holidays!


… with love from the Flaming Janes Team!

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